KRCD Hydropower Plant team standing together in front of electrical yard

KRCD has added value to the Central San Joaquin Valley electrical system for almost 4 decades. KRCD is dedicated to the reliability of the electrical system in the region by encouraging local involvement in energy issues that impact the area. KRCD owns and operates the Jeff L. Taylor Pine Flat Power Plant, which began full commercial operation in April 1984. Located at the base of Pine Flat Dam, the power plant uses irrigation and flood control releases from Pine Flat Reservoir for electric power generation. In no way does the plant deplete the water supply. Instead, it provides a clean and renewable energy supply to the State Water Project.

KRCD operates the hydroelectric facility under a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license; Project 2741. Received in 1979, the license term is for 50 years, expiring in 2029. Early in 2024, KRCD will submit to FERC our Notice of Intent to renew the existing license for another term.

As a result of the energy crisis in 2000 and 2001, KRCD was approached by the State of California in 2002 to develop a 100 MW peaking facility. KRCD answered that call and was able to develop a 100 MW peaking generation facility in collaboration with the California Department of Water Resources and California Energy Resource Scheduling (CERS) group. In 2015, KRCD successfully closed on the sale of the facility to the Carlyle Group.

KRCD continues to explore renewable generation opportunities for the benefit of our service area. In 2016, KRCD undertook an engineering analysis exploring the potential of adding a small renewable hydroelectric turbine at the existing Jeff L. Taylor Pine Flat Power Plant. As of early 2023, KRCD has received approval from the FERC through amendment of the existing FERC license to construct the new unit. KRCD hopes to complete this project by 2025.