Securing Resources for the Kings River Region

Our knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable personnel assist with a broad range of resource-related programs. The District’s activities are diverse, with responsibilities in flood control, hydroelectric power generation, improved water management and efficiency, environmental and regulatory oversight, and groundwater management.


Responsibly manage the water, energy and, environmental resources entrusted to the District.


Deliver the highest level of customer service and system reliability for the sustained benefit of our stakeholders.

Kings River Handbook
KRCD Annual Report


  1.  Provide flood protection.
  2. Develop, own and operate electric power generation facilities.
  3. Support achievement of a sustainable and high quality water supply.
  4. Support the environment through resource management.
  5. Provide fiscally responsible business management.
  6. Position KRCD as a trustworthy, reliable and effective organization.
  7. Maintain a highly knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

Service Area

Modern growers have long recognized that the Kings River’s surface flow does not provide a full water supply for all lands within the Kings River service area. The supply varies, sometimes drastically, from year to year. Prolonged droughts exacerbate and demonstrate harsh realities regarding our water supply. In addition, the Valley faces a booming population. Our groundwater reservoir, from which most Valley municipal and industrial water supplies originate, is increasingly depleted and over-drafted.

Immense difficulties and challenges loom to impede any proposed development of new storage and delivery facilities. KRCD is working with districts and growers to improve on an already outstanding record of irrigation efficiency with modern and sound water management techniques. KRCD is increasingly involved in groundwater management planning. Committed to solving the overdraft problem, KRCD strives to find means to enhance the conjunctive water use upon which we all rely by increasing recharging capabilities in wet years so more groundwater will be available in dry years.

KRCD is a trusted agency between cooperating agencies and constituents at the state and local levels. KRCD staff has a hand in regional resource-related regulatory programs, working on behalf of local agencies and landowners in the area’s surface and groundwater water quantity and quality. Staff members work to break through the noise of confusing legislative burdens by acting as the go-between for people directly impacted by policy decisions.


KRCD was formed with the passage of the Kings River Conservation District Act in 1951 by the California Legislature. The single overriding incentive for the Kings River Conservation District’s creation was establishing one public agency that could act for the entire Kings River service area. KRCD was to include all territory considered the Kings River service area, except for all cities not a part of existing irrigation districts. Later, changes to the KRCD Act excluded all incorporated cities.

The KRCD law granted authority which has proven to be remarkably flexible in meeting changing needs. KRCD is empowered to furnish water and electrical energy, acquire and dispose of property, construct water works, appropriate and conserve water, maintain actions involving water rights, incur indebtedness, enter into contracts, issue bonds, and control floodwater. In addition, there are provisions for organizational, procedural, taxation, and bonding matters. The Secretary of State’s certificate of incorporation includes this concise description of the KRCD act and the District’s purposes:

“An act creating a district to be called “Kings River Conservation District;” providing for its organization, operation, maintenance and government, for the inclusion of lands therein and the exclusion of lands therefrom; providing for the acquisition, construction, maintenance and operation of works and property for the purposes of the District, including the storage, conservation, distribution and sale of water, the development, distribution and sale of electric power, the drainage, reclamation and protection of land and prescribing and defining the powers, duties and responsibilities of said District.”

Board Group Photo
Seven Directors are elected to the KRCD Board of Directors. The Directors represent each of the seven divisions of the District. Directors must be residents and registered voters within their respective divisions.
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The Board meets regularly every second Tuesday of each month at the District office (4886 E. Jensen) of the Kings River Conservation District at 1:30 pm.
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Management Team

KRCD’s dedicated staff work daily on behalf of the constituents and stakeholders within our 1.2 million acre service to provide reliable resources for the Valley.

Job Openings

We hire hard-working, talented, and dedicated professionals who are passionate about their trade. If you are interested in applying for an open position at KRCD, please check the job list for availability and review KRCD’s benefits package.

There are no openings at this time.