The Kings River Conservation District provides various volunteer opportunities that align with our resource management goals. Some of these opportunities may occur regularly or during a specific time of the year. Please feel free to reach out by calling our office if you would like to learn more about one of the opportunities.

Volunteers picking up trash along the Kings River

Kings River Cleanups

The Kings River Cleanup occurs on the third Saturday of every month at 8 a.m. The Kings River Cleanup is a cooperative effort of the Kings River Conservation District, Kings River Water Association, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Army Corps of Engineers, and Kings River Conservancy.

Fall Population Electro-Fishing Survey

Overview: The Kings River Fisheries Management Program asks you to join us for a day or two (…or six) to go fishing as part of our annual survey! Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, an aspiring environmental professional, or a skilled expert, this is an excellent opportunity to spend a day in the river networking with a great bunch of people.

When? The annual electro-fishing survey will take place in November/December of each year. Final dates will be announced as the event nears. E-fishing is an all-day activity lasting from approximately 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. While adverse weather or unsafe on-site conditions may cause last-minute cancellations, we typically survey rain or shine. We will notify participants as soon as possible in the event of a cancellation. Volunteers may sign up for one day or multiple days.

Why? The annual electro-fishing survey provides the Kings River Fisheries Management Program with a snapshot of the fish assemblage present, population estimates for the species present in sample sites, and the health of rainbow trout within the fishery.

KRCD staff examining trout eggs

Trout Incubator Program

Overview: For over a decade, the Kings River Fisheries Management Program has seasonally (November-April) incubated rainbow trout fry for release in the lower Kings River. In 2012, the program moved operations from side stream incubator along the River’s edge to a small incubator building below Pine Flat Dam. The facility is equipped with two 15′ long rearing tables that accommodate two raceways apiece. The program charges the building with 100,000 – 150,000 rainbow trout eggs, up to three times during the water year when conditions allow. Once the eggs hatch, the trout fry rear for approximately six weeks before release. Annually trout are incubated, reared, and typically released in December, February, and April.

Daily Care of Trout Fry (late fall – early spring) — Volunteers are needed when staff cannot tend to the trout incubator building. Most volunteers will spend one hour or less at the incubator at a time of their choosing. These volunteers must go through a brief one-on-one orientation before volunteering. Dates for volunteer orientations will be coordinated individually and scheduled on an as-needed basis. This orientation provides volunteers new to the program an opportunity to discuss the program directly with staff should any questions arise. Orientations typically occur shortly after the eggs hatch but can occur at any time, dependent on the needs of the volunteer.

During trout rearing, the program relies on volunteers to help:

  • clean raceways
  • monitor trout eggs and fry
  • record water temperatures and flow
  • feed trout fry

Fry Release — Once trout fry are ready for release (approximately 1″ – 1.5″ long) we rely on volunteers to help us stock them into the river between the Army Corps of Engineers Bridge and Avocado Lake Park. Volunteers should be able to transport 2-3 five-gallon buckets of trout fry in unheated personal vehicles (trucks preferable) and should be able to carry a 20-pound bucket over uneven terrain.

Generally, up to ten volunteers are required on this day.

Kings Water Alliance Volunteers posing for a photo at a food bank

Kings Water Alliance Volunteer Program

Overview: Kings Water Alliance is a new non-profit organization contractually supported by KRCD to provide free well testing for nitrates and complimentary bottled water deliveries to rural communities. Volunteers are needed to spread the word about Kings Water Alliance’s free community resources to well owners at local community events such as food banks, farmers’ markets, and swap meets.

There are flexible volunteer hours, and outreach training is available to volunteers before attending events.

Volunteers must find transportation to and from the event.

To volunteer, contact KWA staff at info@kingswateralliance.org