Update on SGMA Implementation in the Kings Subbasin

February 2019

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) requires Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) to create a roadmap to sustainability by 2040. The seven GSAs in the Kings Subbasin are working individually on separate GSPs, although the physical nature of groundwater and the mandate for a formal coordination agreement have catalyzed cooperation. With no time to waste before the January 2020 State deadline, draft GSPs are targeted for completion in June 2019. The public will have access to the drafts for review and comment.

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Update on Water Quality in the North Fork Kings GSA

The latest Groundwater Sustainability Plan update from the North Fork Kings GSA technical consultants lends insight into current water quality conditions in the GSA service area. The analysis of water quality data reveals despite lowering groundwater levels, water quality contaminant levels have not worsened over time. But exceedances in maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) do exist in some areas.

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MAGSA developing groundwater level metrics, sustainability criteria considered for individual wells

Setting metrics for groundwater level is underway in MAGSA. At the February 6th Board Meeting, technical consultant Lynn Groundwater, Provost & Pritchard, discussed MAGSA’s methodology for setting the criteria that will indicate whether or not sustainable levels of groundwater are met. Known as sustainable management criteria, these levels are guided by historical groundwater level data. The Kings Subbasin coordinated effort has adopted MAGSA’s methodology, with a few variances such as time period of data used.

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North Kings GSA basin boundary modification approved

The CA Department of Water Resources (DWR) approved the North Kings GSA request for basin boundary modification to closely align the eastern basin boundary with the alluvial/bedrock boundary.

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Central Kings GSA

Central Kings GSA will focus on groundwater recharge in GSP

The draft Groundwater Sustainability Plan is in progress; the Central Kings
GSA is working to establish its measurable objectives for inclusion in the draft. After the Board reviews and approves the draft, the Kings Subbasin coordinated effort will review to ensure all 7 Kings Subbasin GSPs are aligned. The sustainability strategy in the Central Kings GSA focuses on groundwater recharge projects. Home to some of the most suitable soil for groundwater recharge, the agency will prioritize increasing its recharge capacity. The strategy relies on capturing flood flows from the Kings River in years of surplus.

Board selects new President and Vice President

The Kings River East GSA approved a Resolution recognizing Steve Worthley forhis work as a Director serving as first President of the Kings River East GSA. Steve Worthley represents the County of Tulare. The Board selected a new President, Fresno County Supervisor Buddy Mendes. The Board selected Mary Fast, representing cities of Dinuba, Orange Cove and Reedley, as the new Vice President.

GSA conducts Stakeholder Survey

The South Kings GSA is conducting a stakeholder survey. If you have an interest in groundwater management in the South Kings GSA, complete the survey to voice your concerns and provide valuable input for the development of the GSP: stakeholder survey.