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Funding for planning, design, and/or construction is needed to support upcoming projects that will help achieve the mission of the Kings River Fisheries Management Program. The Program’s mission is to improve and enhance the Kings River watershed and fishery habitat while maintaining its beneficial uses, recognizing that a healthy river is essential to the region’s well-being and future quality of life.

Click HERE for Fisheries Projects backgrounder.

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PROJECT FUNDING NEED: $60,000 – $120,000 annually*

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project will entail the injection/placement of gravel for Rainbow Trout below Pine Flat Bridge and will help replenish the coarse sediment supply immediately below Pine Flat Dam.

KEY BENEFIT: Create spawning habitat for trout and other species
PROJECT STATUS: Project study underway to develop 30% project designs and supporting materials including identifying sediment (gravel) sources available, sediment augmentation volume, potential constraints, and the feasibility of construction methods. Study scheduled to conclude March 2022. *Disclaimer: Project is scalable and may not require gravel injection every year.


PROJECT FUNDING NEED: $115,000 – $470,000 one-time

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project will involve enhancing the Thorburn Channel for juvenile trout rearing habitat by considering alterations to the flow intake structure and grading within the side channel.


  • Create spawning habitat for trout and other species
  • Climate change response to intense flood release events; widening channels will prevent sediment and gravel from pushing through quickly, slowing flows during flood releases. This protects the fishery, downstream agriculture, and communities

PROJECT STATUS: Project study underway to develop 30% designs and supporting materials to understand the effect of the Thorburn Channel headworks structure to physical habitat and water temperature. Study scheduled to conclude March 2022.


Funding is needed for the full suite of snow survey tools that meet 21st century water management and climate change challenges Click HERE for Airborne Snow Survey Backgrounder. TAKE ACTION! (these could  be potential active links) …

KRCD Board Appoints David M. Merritt as General Manager

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Kings River Conservation District (KRCD) Board announced on July 13, 2021, the appointment of David M. Merritt as KRCD’s new general manager. "I am very excited to lead this next chapter of KRCD and greatly appreciate the trust the Board…

KRCD & Provost & Pritchard Win Outstanding Sustainable Engineering Project Award

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On June 24, KRCD was honored with the American Society of Civil Engineer's Region 9 Outstanding Sustainable Engineering Project award along with Provost & Pritchard for the design and construction of the McMullin On-Farm Flood Capture and…

Work Begins on $1 Million Watershed Restoration Project

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On November 13, 2020, the Kings River Conservation District and Tulare Lake Resource Conservation District received over $1 million from the Watershed Restoration Grant to carry out important levee work along the Kings River. The California…

Groundwater in the Central Valley

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What is Groundwater? Right under your feet, millions of gallons of water exist between rocks, sand, and gravel. Those permeable bodies of rock and sediment that are saturated with water are called aquifers.  Much of the water in the world…