22 Encouraging Pictures That Prove Some Things Never Change, Even During a Global Pandemic

March 2020

On March 11, Buzzfeed posted an article titled “24 Shocking Pictures Of Famous Places Before And After The Coronavirus Outbreak” displaying images of busy historical sites, holy sites, and theme parks bustling with people until the COVID-19 pandemic forced visitors to shelter in place and many governments banned large gatherings (or any gatherings at all), replacing them with social distancing guidelines.

But even during uncertain times, so much in our Central Valley continues. The ag industry grows food, wildflowers welcome fresh rain, cows graze, water flows, and fish swim.

Check out these 22 pictures of the Central Valley before and after the coronavirus began and remember #SomeThingsNeverChange 

1. Wildflowers welcome a spring rain in 2017:

2. Yellow wildflowers along the Kings River after recent rain showers:

3. Kings River Fisheries Management Program’s Lori Werner checks on the trout fry at the incubator building in Spring 2017:

4. Lori checks trout fry at the incubator building early last week:

5. Work in a local vineyard in 2015:

6. Tending to a vineyard last Thursday:

7. Farmer checks the health of fruit trees in the ’80s:

8. Checking for pests in a peach orchard last week:

9. Cows grazing a few years ago:

10. Cows set a pastoral scene between intermittent rain showers a few days ago:

11. Kneeling in an almond orchard in the ‘90’s:

12. Local grower takes a look at the developing almonds at Quist Farms last Friday:

13. Kings River watershed, March 2019:

14. Webcam at Buckrock in the Kings River watershed March 30, 2020:

15. Gentleman sets his gaze on the nearly complete Pine Flat Dam in the ‘50’s:

16. Pine Flat Dam stands strong last week, unfettered by virus uncertainty:

17. Fly fisherman out on the Kings River in 2017:

18. Fishermen wait for their next catch near the Amy Corps bridge below Pine Flat last Tuesday:

19. Walking a corn field in 2018:

20. Checking another field last Thursday….oranges this time:

21. Pine Flat Dam from Pine Flat Road in 2017:

22. This time, wildflowers make a welcome appearance along the road: