Kings River

Report provided by:

Matthew Meadows, Assistant Watermaster

Effective immediately, June 2, 2023, the flood release targets from Pine Flat are being reduced by 200 cfs.  Currently Pine Flat order is 12,400 cfs will be reduced to 12,200 cfs. This reduction at Pine Flat will be made in two changes, -100 cfs this afternoon, and -100 cfs tomorrow morning. The total outflow at Pine Flat might fluctuate with irrigation orders.


The target flood release in the North Fork below Crescent Weir will remain at 4,750 cfs. The current target flood release in the South Fork is ~850 cfs and the change at Pine Flat will reduce this target to approximately 650 cfs. The changes to the South Fork target take 24-48 hours to arrive at the Army Weir from Pine Flat.  Changes in the South Fork target will be made daily to as needed to maintain the minimum order at Pine Flat. Current South Fork flows consist of flow below Army Weir and through Crescent Bypass. The balance of flows at those locations will be made over the next few days.


We are expecting irrigation demand to fluctuate in the short-term maintaining the target Pine Flat order, approximately 12,200-12,300 cfs, until further notice.


Releases will continue to be adjusted accordingly to meet irrigation orders, local creeks entering below Pine Flat and changing conditions.

All data is provisional and subject to revision.

We will circulate updates as conditions change.


Status of flows below Pine Flat Dam as of 0700 June 2, 2023.

18,000 cfs (estimated) Pre Project Piedra (Full natural flow at Piedra, 3 miles downstream of Pine Flat Dam. Includes Mill and Hughes Creek flows)

12,400 cfs Total Order at Pine Flat.  (Order includes flood release, local demands and estimated channel losses)

12,380 cfs Pine Flat Reservoir Release

40 cfs Mill and Hughes Creeks (Unobstructed gauge several miles below Pine Flat Reservoir)

8,710 cfs flow at Reedley Narrows (approximately three miles upstream of the City of Reedley, Capacity per ACOE Reservoir Control Manual 13,000 cfs)

7,440 cfs flow Below Peoples Weir (approximately one mile downstream of Highway 99, Capacity per ACOE Reservoir Control Manual 11,000 cfs)

350 cfs, South Fork of Kings River, release below Army Weir

460 cfs, Crescent Bypass, water diverted from the North Fork to the South Fork

4,860 cfs flow below Crescent Weir, 4750 cfs target flood release below Crescent Weir (approximately three miles downstream of Highway 41)


Status of Pine Flat as of 2400 hours June 1, 2023

507,890 acre-feet Pine Flat storage (Capacity 1,000,000 acre-feet)

199,790 acre-feet Upstream storage (Capacity 251,900 acre-feet)

544,220 acre-feet vacant storage space on the Kings River system


For More Information, Please Contact:

STEVE HAUGEN, Kings River Water Association Watermaster, (559) 217-5249

DAVID MERRITT, Kings River Conservation District General Manager, (559) 237-5567
RICK BROWN, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Sacramento District Public Affairs, (916) 557-5102
RANDY McFARLAND, KRWA Public Information Consultant, (559) 260-2775