KRCD’s Flood Control team is incredibly important. In fact, they are essential. The team carries out tasks that protect thousands of acres of land that border 140 miles of Kings River channels . While the team is engaged in their critical work, they are also adapting to the ever-changing COVID-19 emergency. The team has adjusted their usual workflow, like moving the morning briefing outdoors to follow social distancing guidelines and recommendations. These adaptations help to ensure the health of our staff, their family members, and our community.

What goes into controlling floods, and what does that look like? The team uses tractors, backhoes, and other heavy machinery to maintain and repair 140 miles of levees along the Kings River.  They also work to clear debris from the river that could cause flooding incidents or harm fragile ecosystems. One tactic the team uses is to strategically plant vegetation along the riverbanks to slow high water flow during a flood release .

We are thankful that the Flood Control team continues to adapt to ensure the health and safety of the community while continuing to work hard and provide essential services.