Kings River Water Quality Coalition provides free, safe, accessible drinking water to ensure reliable water supply for domestic well users

February 2020

A major milestone in the effort to ensure a safe and reliable drinking water supply to domestic well users has been accomplished by the Kings River Water Quality Coalition (Coalition) in cooperation with Kings County Area Public Transit Agency. The completed installation of a fill station in Hanford provides free, safe drinking water 24/7 to those concerned with the quality of their domestic well water supply. It is the Coalition’s first fill station to go online. The Coalition plans to install two additional fill stations in Kerman and Dinuba.

The fill station installation signifies efforts to contribute to safe drinking water for water users within the Kings River region. The fill station draws from the City of Hanford’s municipal water system. The fill station installation, operation and maintenance, including metered water usage is paid for by the Coalition as a solution outlined in a settlement agreement preventing particular enforcement actions. The drinking water is provided in response to well testing in rural areas that found some wells exceed safe drinking water standards for nitrates.

Users can access the fill station at Hanford’s KART Transit Center any day and time. To fill up on the free and safe drinking water, users must bring an empty container no larger than 5 gallons. There is no limit to the number of containers. For more information, please visit