September 25, 2019

Glamorous? Not particularly. But vitally important work usually isn’t.

The Kings River Conservation District Flood Maintenance Crew and volunteers took to the river channels and levees on Saturday for the annual Kings River Cleanup, organized by the Environmental Health Institute.

Unfortunately, there are far too many who see the beautiful river as a landfill. But a far reaching benefit of the cleanup effort is a volunteer team that includes several families, teaching the next generation to care for the environment and their community. Raising awareness to the problem of illegal dumping along the Kings River is important to preserve this resource that feeds the Valley’s economy.

The cleanup crew spent the day removing trash ranging from discreet discarded shotgun shells to obtrusive abandoned couches.

We are proud of our the KRCD Flood Maintenance Crew for participating in this effort in addition to their regular maintenance of 140 miles of Kings River levees. Their work keeps our community safe and allows for effective delivery of high-quality surface water serving agriculture, business, and residential needs.