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Kings River Flood Control Maintenance On-Farm Water Management AgLine Agricultural Water Enhancement Program
Kings River Flood Control Maintenance

Since 1959, KRCD staff has worked to protect the flood carrying capacity of Kings River channels and levees. Maintenance efforts have focused on approximately 140 levee miles along the river from below Kingsburg near 8 Avenue in Kings County to Highway 41 near Stratford on the South Fork, and to McMullin Grade (Highway 145) on the North Fork.

With year round maintenance, the flood control maintenance crew works to minimize and ultimately eliminate the danger of flood and erosion hazards. The crew controls weeds and brush along the levee banks and clears downed trees from the channels.

During flood releases, the flood control maintenance crew maintains 24-hour patrols monitoring the levee banks for sloughing, erosion and boils. Also during high water, the staff assists other irrigation districts in removing debris from the various weirs and structures along the river.