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California Statewide Groundwater Monitoring Program (CASGEM)

In California, groundwater accounts for about 30 percent of the total water supply, and in dry years that number increases to more than 40 percent of the supply. With a projected population increase to 46 million people by the year 2020, California's reliance on groundwater will grow significantly.

The CASGEM program was created through the passage the 2009 Comprehensive Water Package. As a result of this bill's passage, the California State Legislature established for the first time a statewide program to collect groundwater elevations, facilitate collaboration between local monitoring entities and the Department of Water Resources, and to report this information to the public. The program will provide seasonal and long-term trends in groundwater levels within California's groundwater basins to the general public.

The Kings River Conservation District (KRCD) is the monitoring entity for the Kings and Tulare Lake groundwater subbasins. The monitoring plan includes local participating agencies within the two subbasins to monitor a pre-selected inventory of representative groundwater wells located within their respective boundaries. Twice annual surveys are conducted in April (spring) and October (fall) with the data submitted to KRCD following each survey. KRCD compiles and inputs the collected data to the CDWR CASGEM Online Submittal System (OSS).

Last updated 09-06-12