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Upper Kings Basin Integrated Regional Water Management Authority
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Groundwater Management

Groundwater remains the foundation for agriculture, business and life in the Kings River service area. Almost all water used for domestic, municipal and industrial purposes and portions of agricultural water is pumped from the underground aquifer, resulting in significant groundwater extractions.

KRCD is currently involved in a variety of cooperative efforts to preserve our valley's water resources. Some of these efforts include participation in recharge groups and monitoring three groundwater management areas.

KRCD has developed a Lower Kings Basin Groundwater Management Plan (SB 1938). As part of one of the reporting elements within the Lower Kings Basin Plan, KRCD also performs extensive groundwater monitoring and publishes annual groundwater reports detailing that year's water table conditions, improvements and results.

KRCD is also the monitoring agency for the Kings and Tulare Lake Hydrologic subbasins under the California Statewide Groundwater Monitoring Program (CASGEM).

KRCD is actively engaged with local public agencies to implement the Sustainable Groundwater Water Management Act (SGMA). A law that requires high priority groundwater basins to become sustainable by 2040. For more information on SGMA implememation in the Kings River service area visit Kings River Region Groundwater Info Portal.