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Dinkey Creek

The Dinkey Creek Project was a fully designed 120-megawatt hydroelectric facility that was licensed and approved for construction on Dinkey Creek, a tributary of the Kings River in Fresno County.

The project progressed nearly to the point of construction before it was halted in 1986 due to a decision by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company to withdraw from the power purchase agreement.

The design consisted of a 380-foot high concrete-faced rockfill dam, a 90,000 acre-foot reservoir, a diversion tunnel, two power tunnels, two 60-megawatt power plants, two short transmission lines, access roads and substantial recreation facilities. Average annual energy production from the Dinkey Creek Project was expected to be 364 million kilowatt-hours.

In 2001 when the central San Joaquin Valley experienced rolling blackouts and cost spiking, KRCD took another look at the Dinkey Creek Project but determined it to be infeasible.