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Community Power Plant

In pursuit of its vision of reliable power for the central San Joaquin Valley, the Kings River Conservation District proposed to construct the KRCD Community Power Plant. The plant was a clean combined-cycle, 565-megawatt power plant, fueled by natural gas.

In a rapidly growing area of the State dependent upon electrical generation imported from other regions, the Community Power Plant was to provide clean, reliable and lower-cost electricity for the businesses and residents of the Central San Joaquin Valley.

Sited in the Parlier area, the plant was a state-of-the-art project. The use of reclaimed water for the project would have limited the need for the cities of Parlier and Sanger to expand their wastewater disposal facilities. The power plant would also have prevented several hundred tons of salt from entering the groundwater each year improving the surrounding drinking water supply.

The power plant's licensing process was suspended in September 2009. Delays in implementation of Community Choice, ongoing economic conditions, continued limitations in the credit markets, and fiscal issues affecting local governments were factors impacting KRCD’s ability to move forward with the proposed power plant.