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Spring 2012

  • Regulatory Program Changes Include Groundwater Monitoring
  • Timeline and Outreach Meetings
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Other Plan Elements
  • Next Steps

Fall 2011

  • State Regulatory Program proposes expansion to include discharges to groundwater
  • New Tier Regulatory Structure
  • Farm- Specific Evaluations / Nutrient Plans
  • Increased Program Fees
  • Litigation Pending
  • Coalition Role
  • Next Steps

Spring 2011

  • Kings River Water Quality
  • Looking Foward for the Irrigated Lands Program
  • Reasons Coalition Membership is Important
  • What the Coalition Fee Covers
  • Agencies that Represent Kings River Water Quality Coalition Members

Spring 2008

  • Proposed Changes in Coalition Membership Rules
  • New Monitoring Allows Flexibility, Draft of Program Is Underway

Summer 2007

  • State Water Quality Fees Paid By Growers
  • New Agency Being Formed To Take Over Kings Coalition
  • Irrigated Lands Workshops Will Be Offered November 5
  • "Big Coalition" Continues Work In Water Quality
  • Kings River Water Quality Remains Very Good

Winter 2006-2007

  • Surge In Sign ups Boosts Kings Ag Waiver Acreage
  • Coalition Enrollment Still Possible Under Some Conditions
  • Kings River Quality Is Excellent, Data Shows
  • Website To Visit To Learn More On Ag Discharge Rules

Summer 2006

  • Coalition's Budget Affected By Fees
  • Reasons You Should Join A Coalition

Spring 2005

  • KRCD’s Monitoring Finds No Problems
  • Regional Water Board Update